Mark Tecotzky / Co-Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Tecotzky has been our Co-Chief Investment Officer since March 2008, the Co-Chief Investment Officer of Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT since October 2012, and serves as the Co-Chief Investment Officer of our Manager. Mr. Tecotzky is also a Managing Director of EMG, and head portfolio manager for all MBS/ABS credit, reporting directly to Mr. Vranos. Prior to joining EMG in July 2006, Mr. Tecotzky was the senior trader in the mortgage department at Credit Suisse. He developed and launched several of its securitization vehicles, including hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages, or "ARMs", and second liens, and subsequently ran its hybrid ARM business, including conduit pricing, servicing sales, monthly securitization, trading of Agency/non-Agency hybrids of all ratings categories, and managing and hedging the residual portfolio. Prior to joining Credit Suisse, Mr. Tecotzky worked with Mr. Vranos and many of the other EMG principals at Kidder Peabody, and traded Agency and non-Agency pass-throughs and structured CMOs as a Managing Director. Mr. Tecotzky holds a B.S. from Yale University and received a National Science Foundation fellowship to study at MIT

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